Customer User Experience

Everyone knows that “Customer Experience” is one of the most important metrics for any company that sells products and services.

Heavy investments in the BSS/OSS domain for “Customer Experience” solutions have been going on for quite some time now in most Operators worldwide.
All this is a step towards the right direction you say…
I agree, but my experience has been a huge dissapointment right from the …acquitision phase!

On the 2nd of February 2016, I went to the Operators store in person since I wanted to make sure that what I was asking was clearly understood and that I would be getting exactly that; A VDSL internet connection, telephony and three mobile connections in a family plan. We had an agreement, I signed the application and the process started.
For transparency reasons, I would like to state that we had also agreed that the connection would be going active on the 28th of February (that’s when my previous service with a different Operator expired). That would give enough time for the proper scheduling of any activities enabling the service.

In the first week of March, I started to worry and I called the Operator trying to find out what was the status of the connection and when that would take place. I managed to get an appointment for a technician to come at the end of the week. After wasting my entire day (the appointments are in the form of 08:00 to 16:00!!!) the technician did not even show up but instead call me to inform me that the request had errors and that they have to reschedule the visit!

After many calls and visits to the store, a technician showed upon the 18th of March around 12:30 (again during their very “tight” and “effective” appointment schedule) to finally perform the necessary activities in order for the service to commence. The technician left telling me that I do not need to adjust any settings and that everything would be working after 2 hours. He was quite adamant on this!

To my surprise 5 hours later nothing worked! I called in with my mobile on their support line (they are charging extra for this of course!!!) in order to find out what is happening. After going through all the automated voice nonsense (you do not have the option to bypass that and go directly to an agent!), I managed to talk to an agent who after getting all of my personal info in order to ID me, they looked into the system and responded:

“Mr. Koulouris, the system shows that your line has not been activated yet. It may take from 1 to 10 days for the service to start working. But the telephony service will only take one day…” and then she goes ” But I see in the system that your telephony is VOB. Which means that the internet service needs to be in place before you get the telephony service”…

One day later, I see that the internet connection is up but that Telephony is still down…
Under normal circumstances I would not care much about that but when my in-laws (well in their 90’s) and who currently stay with me rely heavily on the fixed phone, I care and I care a lot!

I wish that someone from that Operator would call me to ask me about my “Customer Experience”…



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