My Raspberry Pi based Multimedia Center

I have been experimenting with the Raspberry Pi for over a year.

“Internet of Things” experimental scenarios ..reading all sorts of sensors in my home – from temperature readings per room to humidity levels in my basement and the last one …having my home’s oil supply levels checked and reported back to me on a web page and of course via email once the level falls below a certain threshold.

But the one that I did this past weekend is to use a common database on a MySQL db where I store and share all the metadata for movies, TV shows, music and pictures in my library for all the KODI systems that I have at home (4 raspberry Pi’s running OSMC, 1 Windows 10 PC and 2 mac mini’s running KODI 16 on El Capitan)
The configuration? extremely simple if you follow the instructions in the very well documented KODI Wiki (

Works extremely well with all platforms and it saves a lot of time from trying to synchronize individually each system. Any change you do from any system is reflected automatically on all systems since the change is performed on a common database!



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