Mobile World Congress 2016

Another MWMWC 2016.pngC event is over and the taste is …the same.
What is lacking from such an important event is innovation. And I am not talking about …new phone models or partnerships on the 5G bandwagon…
I am talking about new things involving new breakthroughs in technology and not only technological evolution.
On the other side of the Atlantic there are a number of companies that “dare” to innovate and to think out of the box.
Europe has been slowing down for a number of years and unless there will be a “new” spark to ignite again the innovation torch, Europe will be watching the show trying to farm what’s left out there.On the Asian side, the slow down of China and the limited number of “real” new tech announcements display a slow down on that side as well…

Come on leaders out there! We need you to amaze us! We have been on the tech roller coaster that is moving at blazing speeds! Any slow down makes things boring.

Give us liquid metal, 3d printing that is cheap and works with various materials, graphene based products, nanotechnology based material in commodity products, wireless power and so many other things that today are research material and stay as such until the legacy stock is exhausted…

We just need more!…



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