This country is doomed…

A very popular joke in the teacher circles in Greece goes like this:
“In the 70’s if a student brought back home a bad grade report, he/she would have been punished for the poor results and the parents would have taken all the necessary steps required for their child to improve grades and all…
In 2011, if a student brings back home a bad grade report, the parents would go straight to the school and request from the teacher to explain why they graded with such low scores their incredibly smart and gifted child and demand that the teacher apologizes to their wonderful kid, and change the grades to what they should have been at the first place…”
This is going on for real at any level in the Greek society and it clearly shows that the country is doomed.
And its sad that besides all the things we hear in the news about the Greek economy, this country is doomed not from the economic mess that is into but from ethical and moral degradation.


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  1. Smaragda says:

    I’ve just bumped into this pic ( on the web which made me recall the post of yours…

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