Mio Moov 360

Using the Mio Moov 360 Mio Moov 360 for the past 4 months, I have come to the following conclusion: It does not worth its money! I have to admit that the maps are quite accurate and that in general the device behaves OK but its GUI is absolutely useless…

First let me clarify a couple of things. I have the Eastern European version which includes all European maps (Western & Eastern) plus it has on an SD the map for Greece (NGI) where I use it the most.

Trying to input an address is a nightmare! First of all if the street name is anything like “Αγίου ….” or it has any sort of more than two names in it, you will have to start playing with different ways of entering the name of the street because the search engine DOES NOT use any intelligence in serching its database. For example you can not enter part of the name and get a result! You have to enter the exact name in order to get anything. To make things worse, you can not search by the name of a street and get a list of the Cities matching the criteria for you to choose. You have to start from the name of the City and you have to be quite accurate spelling it.
For someone who is used to other interfaces such as “Destinator” or “Garmin’s GUI” to name a few is quite frustrating! It feels handicapped.

So, to make a long story short, try it before you buy it because it can be quite dissapointing as a purchase…

Also, to add to the whole experience with the unit, I will have to add the local distributor’s (Zegetron) lack of information on their website regarding map updates or hardware (firmware) updates and also the manufacturer’s inability to support the product by introducing updates that will dissapear after a couple of weeks without any notice.
I actually downloaded the 360’s map updates (over a Gb) from their website and now they have dissapeared without any explanation!.


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