HTC Diamond

As a user of the HTC 2020i and HTC P3300, I tried to “upgrade” my experience by getting an HTC Diamond HTC Touch Diamond.

The whole experience with Windows Mobile was not a very good one with sluggish response, failed calls, frozen GUI etc., problems that were clearly shouting out loud and clear that this was not an OS for a mobile phone.  However, a lot of the problems were attributed to the hardware (CPU, etc) so I decided to give it another try and see how it would feel using the Diamond. It has a nice design, it’s light, it has a better processor compared to the HTC phones I had used before, so I gave it a try.

After using it for about a month, I found it to be more responsive and in general better as a user experience than the other HTC phones I had used however, it was still lacking the accuracy and resposiveness when compared to a symbian mobile phone. At about six months, I was using it on and off as my secondary phone, it stopped working showing a screen prompting for a firmware upgrade and with its screen backlight turned off. Since it was still under warranty, I took it for service and it was returned back to me in working condition but ofcourse without any of my data on it!.

Bottom line, dissapointing for a device of its price range. I do not think I will try another HTC phone for a while and to be fair, I think I will not try to use another Windows Mobile phone as I think that most of the problems in such phones arise from their operating system than anything else. Microsoft has a long way to go still in order to make their mobile OS platform stable and responsive enough to be used in a way that is expected. (I have also played with the Sony Xperia X1 with same results).


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